Permanent, Forever, Rush

Rush recording their album Permanent Waves at Le Studio, Quebec. Photo by Fin Costello.

Some loves are too big. These are the kind that affect you so completely, so profoundly, that to talk about them becomes daunting, almost embarrassingly difficult.  So it is with me and Rush, the Canadian prog-rock trio, my most constant and enduring musical love. But recently, in the context of what may be Rush’s last big tour (or tour, period), I was given the chance to talk about them on the radio. It was a gift, and the person who so kindly gave this gift to me probably only has a small idea how special this was for me.

Keep Beating, My Rocking Heart

Pearl Jam playing at Rogers Arena, in Vancouver, BC.

It took 20 years or so, but last week I finally got to see Pearl Jam in concert for the first time. The experience was so beautiful and powerful that it has stayed with me for many days.  It also made me realize one thing: even though I love many, many things, and I enjoy and love many types of music, I remain a rocker at heart.